Committed to providing safe products that protects the environment

CINDEX GLOBAL RESOURCES [CAC no RC 104478] is an indigenous company based in Port Harcourt, Rivers State. We carry out services covering Environmental cleaning, water treatment, Production of Domestic and Industrial liquid Detergent and other related services.

We also produce and market Mcdon range of products like car-wash, dish wash, air-fresheners and disinfectant. We plan to introduce more new products in the future.

Cindex Global Resources which is a subsidiary of Cindex industries Ltd, offers a biodegradable, environmentally safe cleaning products for industrial and domestic use, odour control products and disinfectant for cleaning services companies and consumers.

Cindex company is the maker of Mcdon range of products with McDon as its registered trademark.

The products line includes: 

Domestic cleaners are;

  • Carwash
  • Dish-wash
  • Hand-wash
  • Air-freshener
  • Disinfectant
  • Insecticides
  • Hand sanitizers

Cindex products will be used by car washing companies, churches, food services outlets, hospitals, manufacturing companies and schools etc.

A number of Cindex products will be available for retail shops. The safety of our products is of more concern to us today than ever before. This is so because consumers want to know how the products they are using will affect their health and the environment. Cindex is committed to providing safe products that protects the environment.

Hand Sanitizers

Staying healthy is a good practice as health they say is wealth. Recently, we have had series of viruses and diseases all over the world in recent times causing sickness like Bird flu, Ebola,Monkey pox. These causes series dangers to our lives and we have to keep ourselves safe and our environment. Germs and diseases are organisms that eyes can not see except with microscope. The germs are around us and we contact them, both harmful and harmless ones.

Hand sanitizers

Washing of hands with good detergent is good practice but since we are not sure if the detergent really killed the germs then cleaning hands with good sanitizer is better option.

Hand sanitizers are quite vicious disinfectant substances usually packaged in very little containers, have an appealing smell and is applied to hand to clean and make it free from microorganisms.